Year 4 Weekly Review

Dear All Year 4 Parents and Children,

A big thank you for all your support this academic year. We really appreciate everything you have done for us and we all hope you have a fantastic summer holiday.

Mr Foster and the Year 4 Team

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A Pirate Story narrated by 4RP

4RP have been working on their speaking and listening skills this term so the children narrated the story of Captain Blownaparte and the Sticky Footballs. We put our voice recordings over the video of the story and here are the results!

Mo, Jam, Amp and Game

Bobby, Namo and Kanz

Miu Miu, Pao and Kendrick

Por, Thyme and Font

Ping Ping, Pat and Pun

Honey, Mink, Nine and Jump

Naka, Tito and Jun

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Pirate Adventure trailer, 4JM


Yam and Pam’s Limerick

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Library Open Mornings

The school library will be open on 6 Wednesday mornings during the holiday, if you wish to visit and borrow some new books. All students MUST be accompanied by an adult who stays with them, and all other areas of school will be closed. This is a great opportunity to choose some books to share with your family, and support your child’s reading during the holiday. The library will be open 8.30-11.30 am on these mornings only;
• Wed 3rd July
• Wed 10th July
• Wed 17th July
• Wed 24th July
• Wed 31st July
• Wed 7th August

For more information please speak to library staff, or email


4TF Weekly Review Friday 14th June

Dear Parents,

We have had fantastic fun this week with all of our pirate activities. The children have built models of pirate related things and then used their awesome literacy skills to describe them. We have also carried on with our individual pirate activities. In Maths we have been learning about ratio, proportion and fractions and decimals. This has been challenging but the children have persevered and done very well.

Important Dates:

Swim Gala – Cancelled – unfortunately there is not enough time to fit it into the final few weeks.

Friday 21st June – The children will find out who their new teacher is and visit them in their new classroom.

Pirate Day – Wednesday 26th June – All children to come dressed as pirates. In the school calendar, it says the parents are invited to come in during lesson one. Due to an error beyond our control, can we ask that you come in at 1.45 to share the work the children have done this half term

Thursday 27th June – Class Parties – In the afternoon, we will have our class party. Pam and Yam’s Mums will be in contact with you regarding food. The children can wear party clothes if they wish.

Friday 28th June – Last day of school – 12.40 finish.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Foster and Miss Nok

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4RP Pirates Wanted Dead or Alive!


Alissa, Cathryn and Anoushka (4BC) Blackbeard Presentation


Pete’s Blackbeard Presentation (4BC)

Pete Blackbeard Presentation.m4v from SHB Prep on Vimeo.


Poj 4BC Pirate Presentation from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

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