Frequently Asked Questions

How did you choose which books to put on the lists?
We were looking for really good quality fiction that was set in a part of Thailand.  Over 3 months, 10 librarians read looooots of possible books, then in September 2012 we met, argued, and agreed on these final lists.  For each novel on the list, it had to be;

  • A high quality story
  • Available in English (and still in print)
  • Set in Thailand
  • Age-appropriate for that shortlist

In putting together the shortlists, we ensured that each one had;

  • At least one novel by a Thai author, and at least one novel by an international author
  • Stories that were set in different parts of Thailand
  • At least one novel in translation from Thai

Which of these books are available to download as ebooks?

 If you would rather read ebooks, Grandad there’s a Head on the Beach and Carrion Floating By (both on the Teen List), are available as Kindle ebooks to download from Amazon.

Who can vote?

All students, parents and staff at the 9  international schools taking part in the Bangkok Book Awards can vote for their favourite book.

Where do we vote?

You can vote online  in this site!

How many times can I vote?

In the interests of fairness, please vote once for each shortlist .

What will the winner get?

There is no prize for the winning authors, but we hope that winning this award will help to raise their profile.

Do you have any other questions you would like answered?  Please let us know in the comment box below