1. The Happiness of Kati – Jane Vejjajiva
A gentle story about a girl who grows up with her grandparents, but longs to know more about her parents’ background.  You can also read this in the original Thai, as ความสุขของกะทิ .
   2. Silk Umbrellas – Carolyn Marsden
A story about a girl who loves painting umbrellas, but discovers that she needs to start working at a radio factory to provide for her family.  If this sounds interesting to you, check out the Publisher’s Weekly Review.
   3. Tua and the Elephant – Randal Harris
A lovely story, also from Chiang Mai, about a girl who rescues an elephant from an abusive mahout… and then has to decide how she can take care of him.  If you want to find out more about this book, take a look at this New York Times review…
   4. The White Elephant – Sid Fleischman
A young boy mahout gets given a white elephant by a spoilt young prince – how can he and his “normal” elephant make enough money to take care of the white elephant as well?  A fun story with overtones of when Elmer covered himself in mud…