1. Behind the Painting – Siburapha
A romantic story about post-war Thai society – a Thai student goes to university in Japan, and becomes infatuated with an older woman there (translated from Thai)
   2. Carrion Floating By – Chart Korbjitti
A cynical novella about the realities of low-level police corruption in Bangkok (translated from Thai)
   3. Escaping the Tiger – Laura Manivong
A tense adventure story about a Laotian family who escape to Thailand, only to find their UN refugee camp squalid and just as dangerous
   4. Grandad, there’s a head on the beach – Colin Cotterill
A compelling detective story about Burmese fishermen in the South of Thailand – both funny and disquieting at the same time.  If you like reading ebooks, you can download this from Amazon
   5. Letters from Thailand – Botan
Historical fiction about a Chinese boy who travels to Bangkok to make his fortunes – set in Chinatown at the turn of the century.  For many Thai-Chinese families today, this is the story of their forebears.  Find out more by reading the reviews in Good Reads.