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4AW Residential Recount

Having returned from our Residential visit to Ayutthaya, we have looked at the features of recounts and created a book about our experiences. Kate’s can be enjoyed below. Photos have now been shared via Google Drive and can be accessed on the Residential page in Firefly, which can be securely accessed via your child’s login.

Kate's Diary from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

4AW Collaboration

4AW discussed collaboration, our Character Strength, and thought about what skills are needed in order to collaborate effectively. Ideas included listening, asking questions, sharing ideas and being a friend. We then collaborated in groups to complete a task before reflecting on why this is such an important Character Strength to develop.

4AW Chinese New Year

Junior school enjoyed a dragon dance, snacks and some traditional music. Many thanks to the children and parents for the wonderful outfits, and also all the Shrewsbury Parents who helped with the amazing snacks.





4AW Christmas Party

A huge thank you to the children and parents for providing the food, gifts and outfits for today’s party…we had a wonderful time. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable holiday.

4AW and 4LS visit the Gurdwara.

As part of our comparative religion and PSHE curriculum, we enjoyed an informative Gurdwara visit. After Langur, we were given a guided tour which included visiting the Guru Granth Sahib as well as a question and answer session. Many thanks to our Shrewsbury parents for their invaluable assistance, and to Mr Donno for his organisation.

4AW Loy Kratong

The children all looked amazing today in their outfits…many thanks. Enjoy your celebrations.

4AW Science

In Science, we thought carefully about what qualities a scientific diagram needs, and also how we can conduct an investigation. Children worked together to prepare the equipment needed to answer a question about how the amount of baking soda affects the amount of gas produced. Here’s how we did…

4AW Assembly

A huge well done to 4AW for their assembly performance this morning. I was extremely proud of the effort children applied, as well as their collaborative and presenting skills. Please find below the welcome video and magical survey. Thank you to all parents for their support with preparing costumes, props and children.

Roald Dahl Day 4AW

4AW welcomed Year 7 into our classroom to help celebrate Roald Dahl Day. We worked collaboratively to perform a range of his poems, all about certain beasts. See photos below and comment if you know which poems (animals) we performed!

Reading Journals

Many thanks for helping children be organised with their Reading Journals. Most children are now remembering to record their reading each school day, helping us to see that they are reading a range of text types as well as reflecting on what they have read. Short responses are absolutely fine, so we hope that most days it will only take a few minutes for children to record responses. Each week, we ask that children complete one activity from the back of their books in order to engage with the book on a deeper level. Some children like to complete their journals in more depth each day and this is also fine…if they have time and enjoy doing so! As ever, please ask your child’s class teacher if you have any questions  regarding any aspect of their learning.