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Understanding Learners and Learning, 10th-13th May 2014, Patana (Bath University)

Understanding Learners and Learning

The University of Bath, UK & Bangkok Patana School
Bangkok Study Centre
Saturday 10 – Tuesday 13 May 2014

The University of Bath, UK, in conjunction with Bangkok Patana School, offers an opportunity for qualified educators to participate in the University’s MA in Education programmes. The full MA programme comprises five taught units and a dissertation. Each taught unit is followed by individual research and the submission of a 5000 word written assignment.

The unit to be taught at BPS will be Understanding Learners and Learning. The unit, which is relevant to teachers of all age ranges, will address a number of issues, including the following:
 different perspectives on learning
 ways in which we learn and how learning can be supported
 the major families of learning theories – their development and use
 how approaches to teaching and instruction can be influenced by tacit and explicit learning theories
 how insights from neuroscience can impact on classroom learning
 how knowledge gained about learning and learners can be applied in practical educational and training contexts

Participants may use the Masters level credits gained by successful completion of this unit towards the International Baccalaureate Educator Certificates (previously known as IB Teacher Awards Levels 1 and 2).
See: http://www.bath.ac.uk/education/postgraduate/international-baccalaureate/

The unit sessions will take place at Bangkok Patana School (http://www.patana.ac.th/contact.asp) as follows:
Saturday 10 May 2014: 0900-1200/1300-1600
Sunday 11 May 2014: 0900-1200/1300-1600
Monday 12 May 2014: 0900-1200/1300-1600
Tuesday 13 May 2014: 0900-1200/1300-1600

The fee for this 12 credit unit will be £850, payable in pounds sterling in advance. You may pay using avariety of methods.
An administrative charge of 2500 Thai Baht will also be levied locally to cover tutor costs, refreshments and
other relevant costs, and this should be paid direct to the school.

Please contact Jackie Houghton, the BPS Study Centre Co-ordinator (JAHO@patana.ac.th), for local information.

Important Reminder:
Please note that if a viable group size has not been reached once the deadline for applications has passed (Wednesday 16 April 2014) the unit may be cancelled or postponed. Please do not make any travel or accommodation arrangements until you receive confirmation that the unit is definitely going ahead.


Brain power

Brain power

Can neuroscience help us improve teaching and learning?

The wonderful Education Endowment Foundation – they of the marvellous EEF toolkit – have just published a review of Neuroscience research relating to learning in the classroom. As ever the emphasis on what particular Neuroscience-related strategies have the evidence that they improve student progress. Some of the strongest candidates include reducing anxiety, the impact of exercise, spaced learning and the role of testing on memory. However, there are also a number of more left-field approaches they evaluate such as neurofeedback (monitoring your own brain activity with a view to influencing it) and transcranial electrical stimulation!

Building Learning Power, 17th-18th February, Singapore

Professor Guy Claxton in Singapore – Building Learning Power

Professor Guy Claxton is the originator of the Building Learning Power™ approach to education and we are delighted to be able to bring him to Singapore for a two-day program in February 2014, at United World College’s Centre for International Education at the Tampines Campus of UWCSEA, Singapore.

Since 1999 Professor Claxton’s theories, ideas and techniques on creating life long learners have systematically helped students develop the general habits of mind that underpin confident, curious, creative learning for children who live in the 21st Century. These ideas and techniques have become Building Learning Power™ (BLP) and the BLP approach is now seriously embedded in around 2000 schools and colleges in countries around the world.

The two-day program in Singapore is an opportunity to find out how to genuinely develop powerful learners or create a learning powered school, ready for the challenges of the 21st Century.

The first day is an introduction to the science, the vision and the practice of BLP. The second day takes a deeper look at how to change your classroom or your school.

Full details are outlined in the event website and you can directly register here for this event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Many thanks and best regards

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Torchlight Professional Development

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