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Chinese Teaching and Learning Workshop, 15th January, Bangkok

Chinese Teaching and Learning Workshop:

“Learning Chinese with Fun – Embed Games in Chinese Teaching”

Workshop Information:

Workshop leader: Victor Bao
Victor is an expert in creating and applying Chinese games in Chinese teaching and learning. He has published several books under topics of applying games in Chinese classroom, including The Vault of Teaching Games (2010) and My little Chinese Story Books (2009) via Peking University Press.

Date: Sunday Jan 11th, 2015
Venue: Concordian International School
Maximum Seats: 30 Chinese teachers
Registration Fee: 3,000 Baht per teacher.
Registration Date: Monday Nov 17th – Wednesday Dec 17th, 2014

Registration method: Please follow the link to register online:


Payment method through Concordian bank account is listed below:

Bank Name Bank of Ayudhya
Bank Account Concordian International School
Account No. 648-1-00583-3
Bank Branch Bangna Tower
Account Type Savings
Fax number 02-706-9005

Please be informed that after the bank transfer, we kindly request you to confirm by faxing a bank transfer slip with your name, address and your contact number for the receipt at 02-706-9005 (Attention to Jamie) or email to jamie@concordian.ac.th
Remarks :
• Payment must be paid by Cash Transferable.
• The remitter/payer is responsible for any bank charges incurred.
• The registration fee is non-refundable.

For more information please call 02-706-9000 (ext. 144) from 7.30 a.m -16.30 p.m or Fax 02-706-9005 or email : jamie@concordian.ac.th

Letter of Chinese Teaching and Learning Workshop 2015

Modern Language Workshops, 26th-28th February 2015, Bangkok

Modern Language Workshops
A Series of Workshops for Language Teachers

Facilitated by:John Connor

Dates:(February 2015)
Workshop 1 – Feb 26
Workshop 2 – Feb 27
Workshop 3 – Feb 28

Venue:Exact venue to be confirmed: Bangkok, Thailand

This series of workshops is designed to address three major issues surrounding teaching and learning in modern languages, namely:
how to deliver lessons that stimulate, engage and motivate pupils, instilling a curiosity about and love for language learning.
how to develop the skills, competences, attitudes and attributes of successful language learning from an early age, and
how to create “meanings that matter” in a language curriculum that has historically been driven by a range of fairly sterile topics
There will be a mixture of input, group discussion and activities, and delegates will be able to take from the workshop not only ready-to-use resources, but also the knowledge to enable them to plan and devise a curriculum which will establish a secure foundation for future language learning.

Workshop Facilitator
A double graduate in Spanish and Latin American Studies, John Connor taught languages in inner city comprehensive schools in the North East of England and the Midlands, holding Head of Faculty posts before serving for 3 years as Adviser for Languages to a local authority.

He has worked as a commissioning editor for a publishing house, and was a Team Inspector with OFSTED and an Assessor on the Advanced Skills Teacher programme for the Department for Education. He has also worked as a senior examiner with two major awarding bodies.

Since 1997 he has worked freelance, writing teaching materials in French and Spanish at all levels, running training seminars for language teachers, directing in-house staff development and conducting teaching and learning quality audits for modern language departments and schools across the UK, the Channel Islands, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

As a consultant he helped several local authorities develop their Primary Languages programmes, conducting methodology training and language up-skilling sessions for non-specialist primary teachers.

Workshop 1 – Outstanding MFL Lessons

This workshop will:
Consider the characteristics of outstanding MFL lessons in terms of planning, expectations, teacher expertise and assessment.
Examine how to develop higher order thinking skills in language lessons and consider the role of Assessment for Learning in improving pupil outcomes.
Explore how the use of new technologies can enhance language learning.

Workshop 2 – Teaching Languages to Younger Learners

This workshop is concerned with laying the foundations of good habits of language learning which will stand pupils in good stead as they advance through their years of schooling. It is based on the concepts of the Framework for Languages produced in the UK for 7-11 year old pupils, and will examine the 5 strands of the Framework, namely:
Oracy (O)
Literacy (L)
Intercultural Understanding (IU)
Knowledge About Language (KAL)
Language Learning Strategies (LLS)
It will also consider practical approaches to key issues such as developing the phoneme/ grapheme relationship, active learning, integrating languages into the wider curriculum, assessing pupils’ progress and the transition to the next phase of education.

Workshop 3 – Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

CLIL is an approach or method which integrates the teaching of content from a curriculum subject with the teaching of a non-native language.

It’s considered increasingly important in our global society because knowledge of another language helps learners to develop skills in their first language and also help them to develop skills to communicate ideas about science, arts and technologies to people around the world.

In a CLIL classroom, the curricular subject and new language skills are taught together; and thinking and learning skills are integrated too. CLIL teachers can be subject teachers, language teachers or classroom assistants. Different teachers have different goals that can be achieved through a high degree of cooperation, among them: language teachers need to learn more about subject content and subject teachers need to learn about the language needed for their subjects.

The workshop will start by exploring the core features of CLIL methodology, and then go to examine lesson planning, a framework for CLIL lessons, how to exploit texts, deal with vocabulary, check understanding, correct errors and develop presentation skills in a climate of constructive critique.

Delegates will take from the workshop not only examples of ready-to-use resources, but also the skills and knowledge to begin framing a CLIL-based approach to their own lessons.

Workshop Fee
Workshop 1 – Outstanding MFL Lessons (Feb.26, 2015) – Baht 8,500/USD 270
Workshop 2 – Teaching Languages to Young Learners (Feb.27, 2015) – Baht 8,500/USD 270
Workshop 3 – Content and Language Integrated Learning (Feb.28, 2015) – Baht 8,500/USD 270

Reduced Fee
Register for all three workshops = Baht 21,200/USD 673

To Register
Step 1: Fill out the Workshop Reservation Form (LINK).
Step 2: Our office will send you/your coordinating staff the invoice upon receipt of the form.
Step 3: You/your coordinating staff will submit the Payment Completion Form after making the payment

Contact Information
Workshop Coordinator: Mr. Navin Pawa
E-mail: navin@ksithailand.com
Phone (Thailand): 081 701 6843; 081 846 5770
(replace ‘0’ with ’66’ for international calls)

Modern Language Workshops

FOBISIA MFL Secondary JAWS, 5th-6th December, KL


Date: Friday 5th – Saturday 6th December 2014
Venue: The Alice Smith School, Secondary Campus
Cost: RM200 (incl. refreshment and lunch, transport from Boulevard hotel and return and on Saturday, transport from Boulevard Hotel to the airport)
Deadline: Wednesday 19th November 2014
Contact Person: Anna Hewes (ahewes.ep@alice-smith.edu.my)

MFL JAWs_5 and 6 Dec

Who should attend:
Secondary MFL teachers from the FOBISIA region
Appropriate use of learning technologies for contemporary classrooms
Partner Schools have already agreed to run sessions on evaluating the effective use of ICT in the contemporary MFL classroom, sharing good classroom practice and teaching strategies, the use of iPads to enhance learning and vocabulary building with Memrise and KS5 activities. When completing the registration form, please let us know the name and content of the session which you are going to lead.

This is a professional event.
Registered participants are required to contribute to the agenda and to contribute to the presentations. Thank you.

Registration deadline
Wednesday, 19th November

Registration fee:
RM 200 per delegate which includes:
– Refreshments and lunch on both days
– Friday: Transport from the Boulevard Hotel and return
– Saturday: Transport from the Boulevard Hotel to the airport. Kindly provide flight times in advance

Social evening to Jalan Alor on Friday night. Cost not included in registration fee. Transport is complimentary from the Boulevard Hotel.

Contact Person
If you would like more info or to book places, please contact Anna Hewes
at ahewes.ep@alice-smith.edu.my

Other information
Delegates will have to arrange their own accommodation, if needed.
Our recommendation is the Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley which is about 10 mins from the school campus. Click here for more information on the Boulevard Hotel, location and room rates.
Limited places available. Please book early to avoid disappointment.
Click here for the booking form

Primary MFL FOBISIA JAWS, 21st-22nd March 2014, Alice Smith School, KL, Malaysia

Primary MFL JAWs
Hosted at the Alice Smith School
Primary Campus

Friday, 21st March
8.00am – 3.30pm

Saturday, 22nd March
8.00am – 2.00pm

Who should attend:
Primary MFL teachers from the FOBISIA region

 A great opportunity to meet and share knowledge, skills and experience
 Discuss job-related issues
 Share resources
 Build links that will allow us to carry on working together in the future

Registration deadline
Friday, 21st February 2014

Registration fee:
RM150 per delegate to cover refreshments and lunch on both days

Contact Person
If you would like more info or to book places, please contact Joanna Asse Drouet at jadrouet.jb@alice-smith.edu.my

Other information
Delegates will have to arrange their own accommodation, if needed.

Our recommendation is the Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley which is about 10 mins from the school campus.
Boulevard Hotel

Click here to connect with other MFL teachers who will be attending this workshop. All participants will be actively involved in planning the agenda and facilitating the sessions.

Edmodo Link

MFL JAWs 2014 Alice Smith