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Keeping English Alive Through the Holidays

Keeping English language going through the holidays for our children is not always a straightforward endeavour.  The students who need it most are potentially the ones who find it least readily to hand.  Therefore, some gentle guidance and well pitched activities from their teachers can go a long way to maintaining the forward momentum at […]

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You Tube for Schools

This looks interesting… Looking forward to exploring it.

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How to Achieve Bilingualism

Here’s one from the archives.  In 2009 Dr Virginia Rojas, renowned expert on second language acquisition, paid a visit to Shrewsbury International School as a part of our ongoing programme of professional development in EAL. As a part of her trip she gave a talk to parents entitled ‘Dispelling the Myths’, which examined some of the commonly […]

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SIOP: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

SIOP is a model of instruction that was developed in order to help make mainstream content comprehensible for ELLs. [vimeo 34007505] Video: The SIOP model The model acknowledges the particular challenges met by ELLs as they learn English through the currciulum and offers teachers key strategies to help ELLs in achieve both academic success and langauge […]

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A dictogloss is a great way to hit a whole load of EAL buttons in one go.  The strategy gives ELLs the opportunity to listen, discuss, write and review.  All of this is in an authentic context of ultimately having to present the finished work to the class. It is perfect for mixed ability groups and maximises opportunity […]

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Tumblebooks: interactive reading

Making reading fun and accessible for ELLs makes for more more reading, more exposure to the langauge, development of prior knowledge, more productive lessons and ultimately a better learning experience for our children. The TumbleBook library has hundreds of books available to view online with accompanying audio, gentle animations, activities, and teachers’ notes to bring […]

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