Making reading fun and accessible for ELLs makes for more more reading, more exposure to the langauge, development of prior knowledge, more productive lessons and ultimately a better learning experience for our children.

The TumbleBook library has hundreds of books available to view online with accompanying audio, gentle animations, activities, and teachers’ notes to bring the reading experience alive for young or reluctant readers. 

I could see this being used as a great resource for our younger ELLs.  Teachers could set listening to one of the titles as homework, in advance of using the book in a guided reading session.  Equally, it could be used as a review activity for children to re-read/hear the story after studying it in class.  Or just as a way to promote reading.

TumbleBook library can be acessed here and the username and login can be found on the library page on the school’s intranet.  Teachers, parents and students all have access rights.