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Speak English on Monday

It’s English speaking day every day at Shrewsbury International School.  That said, our students may be inspired to learn about English speaking day at non-international schools in Thailand who are responding to the government’s call for 2012 to be the Thai Year of Speaking English (which I blogged about earlier here). In this video students […]

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Snowball Fight: vocab strategy

Snowball fight is a great interactive way of introducing new vocabulary, activating prior knowledge, building schema, or checking understanding of concepts. PDF version here. Its kinaesthetic nature goes down extremely well with younger children, but I think that older students can enjoy it just as much, given some encourgagement to join in. You can put anything on […]

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2012 is English Speaking Year for Thailand

The Thai Minsitry of Education has announced that 2012 will be ‘English Speaking Year’. In preparation for 2015 when the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is due to create The ASEAN Community (with the aim of building economic, security and socio-cultural ties between the member states) the Ministry of Education has begun work […]

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