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Helping ELLs become more effective readers

Recently we delivered an inset session to colleagues in the senior school on some of the issues surrounding ELLs and reading, and suggested some ways of thinking and strategies to help ELLs become more effective readers. Click here to download a PDF of the presentation we used.

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Engaging ELLs in Reading Tasks

Here is a really nice short video highlighting ways to engage ELLs during read-alouds. How many do you do as a matter of course? Are there any here you’d like to try? Tell us about your successes in the comments.

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This year we hosted the FOBISSEA EAL job-a-like workshop and conference. We were joined by delegates from all over the region; from Kathmandu in the west to Ho Chi Minh City in the east, from Beijing in the north and Jakarta in the south and many many, many places in between, for two days of sharing […]

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Google Docs for Joint Construction

This week we have been experimenting with joint construction of texts using Google Drive. The idea here is to allow students to share their ideas on-line then each take a specific role in using those ideas to create a text after a particular genre. In the Year 7 class pictured, students were first asked to brainstorm ideas using a virtual bulletin […]

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