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Comprehensible Input – Krashen makes the case

In this three minute clip, Stephen Krashen, celebrated scholar of linguistics, language acquisition and teaching, makes the case very clearly for comprehensible input. The lesson still stands thirty years or so after this speech was made.  Your students will stand a far better chance of acquiring English if you make the content of your lessons […]

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Year 5 Inter-House Balloon Debate: Call for Contestants

Year 5s!  The annual Year 5 inter-house balloon debate is fast approaching.  This is your time to shine on the podium, show off your skills of speaking, and really show your friends your powers of persuasion, charm and wit. So, what is a balloon debate? Imagine the scene: a hot air balloon is floating gently […]

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Why we need to teach academic vocab

The two videos below make an excellent case for why we need to teach academic vocabulary explicitly. Firstly, John Cleese gives us a tour of the inner workings of the human brain… … then we are treated to a game of cricket through the eyes and ears of our American cousins. While these two clips […]

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