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English Mania

This video (below) was shown as part of one of the presentations at the JAWS conference in Phuket–I guess it doesn’t need any contextualization; so, enjoy!

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EAL JAWS at BIS Phuket

This last weekend, 7 of the EAL team traveled to Phuket for the annual EAL JAWS (job-a-like workshop[s]). It was a great chance to catch up with some familiar faces and to discuss some key issues related to the Second Language Teaching of English.┬áThere were a variety of interesting and engaging presentations, which reminded us […]

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Reading for Pleasure. . .

Shakespeare, Chaucer, Hemmingway, Orwell, Bushell. . . All literary magicians of the highest calibre and a joy to read. Hopefully, we all like to read for pleasure–but what measurable effects does reading produce? And what does it mean for our students? Well, according to the studies mentioned below, it means a great deal. With regards […]

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I thought I would include here a short video that highlights some of the difficulties ELLs can encounter in mainstream classrooms. This is a rather extreme example, but it certainly makes you think. . . )

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INSET success!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we recently had the pleasure of inviting back to the school Dr. Pauline Gibbons, a leading expert in EAL. This year, Dr. Gibbons worked with several departments across the Senior School, providing new input regarding the nature of second language acquisition, and strategies for teaching a variety of […]

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