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New EAL bookmark!

The EAL Department has created a new bookmark, based on last year’s version, which includes links to various excellent websites that contain masses of English language learning games and activities. The websites can be accessed either via the URL or via the QR code. All EAL students have one–and they are proving so popular that we have […]

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Learning Vocabulary in Science – a variation on ‘station teaching’

In Year 7 Science, Ms Zoe Farr and I have been helping the Year 7s with the topic of Light.  What we have found is that learners encounter a wide range of new vocabulary, so we need to find ways for learners to both learn the vocabulary and use it in context.  Zoe and I […]

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Some simple strategies that help your ELLs speak more confidently in class

It is important that we oblige our ELLs to speak; but sometimes it is easier not to do so, and to ‘fly with the fastest’ simply because it takes less time! Also, it is all too easy to simply give up on the students who ‘never speaks’—and that it exactly what they want you to […]

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