Kahoot! A formative assessment tool.



Kahoot! is an online quiz game using iPads, in which students race against each other to answer questions; the results can be immediately summarised on the computer/projector.  The interactive format creates an exciting and action-packed atmosphere!

Kahoot! has been used widely among EAL Specialists in this school, and in mainstream classrooms where we co-teach. Kahoot! helps create competitive and dynamic lessons and is often ideal for a starter or a plenary due to the fact that it can be so easily adapted to suit a range of curriculum areas, abilities and language proficiencies.

You can prepare your own quizzes, or can choose from a huge range of quizzes created by members of the Kahoot community.  Simply go to https://create.kahoot.it and sign up for free, then start creating your own Kahoots!

(When you play with your students, they will have to go to Kahoot.it, and type in the ‘game pin’.)

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