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Using Genre Maps for Self-/Peer-assessment

During the past couple of years we have been developing a new assessment framework – The Genre-Map Assessment – which explicitly promotes teacher and student engagement with key language features across a range of school-based, academic writing genres. This framework has been successfully implemented within the Year 9 English Plus Programme and is also being […]

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Professor Pauline Gibbons visit

Last week, Professor Pauline Gibbons visited the school for the third time, this year working with Senior School departments on how to develop spoken literacy in the classroom. Pauline enjoyed visiting a variety of Senior School classrooms and talking to a wide range of teacher during department-based workshops. She was very impressed by the depth […]

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‘You can learn any language in 6 months!’

Below is a link to an interesting video, on YouTube, by Chris Lonsdale & Associates. In it, Chris explains ‘how to learn any language in six months’. Of course, this statement needs to be unpacked before we can understand what is meant by the word ‘learned’–for example, we know that developing BICS in a language […]

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