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Shrewsbury Represented at EAL JAWs (KL) 2015!

Earlier this month, 6 of the EAL Team went across to Malaysia for the annual EAL JAWs conference. It was great to connect again with colleagues in the region and find out what they are doing and how they are doing it! Two of our Senior Team, Jon Bifield and Lee McKernan, presented the ‘Genre […]

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Using QR Codes to Help Students Learn Vocabulary

In Year 7 English Plus, we have been looking at ways to develop our vocabulary.  One activity that I chose to do with the students was to use QR codes to aid the development of the learning of vocabulary.  I like the idea of using QR codes because as a student scans the QR code […]

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Using Genre Maps for Self-/Peer-assessment

During the past couple of years we have been developing a new assessment framework – The Genre-Map Assessment – which explicitly promotes teacher and student engagement with key language features across a range of school-based, academic writing genres. This framework has been successfully implemented within the Year 9 English Plus Programme and is also being […]

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Professor Pauline Gibbons visit

Last week, Professor Pauline Gibbons visited the school for the third time, this year working with Senior School departments on how to develop spoken literacy in the classroom. Pauline enjoyed visiting a variety of Senior School classrooms and talking to a wide range of teacher during department-based workshops. She was very impressed by the depth […]

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‘You can learn any language in 6 months!’

Below is a link to an interesting video, on YouTube, by Chris Lonsdale & Associates. In it, Chris explains ‘how to learn any language in six months’. Of course, this statement needs to be unpacked before we can understand what is meant by the word ‘learned’–for example, we know that developing BICS in a language […]

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Kahoot! A formative assessment tool.   Kahoot! is an online quiz game using iPads, in which students race against each other to answer questions; the results can be immediately summarised on the computer/projector.  The interactive format creates an exciting and action-packed atmosphere! Kahoot! has been used widely among EAL Specialists in this school, and in mainstream classrooms […]

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Find Something Out About. . .

  In Year Science 7 last week, we tried a version of a classic English Language Teaching activity – ‘Find Someone Who.’  This activity is an communication activity in which students usually have to ‘find some who. . .’ has some ‘missing’ information; the ensuing verbal communication usually follows a particular grammatical pattern in order […]

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SIOP Training Across the School

Term 2 started with a flurry of activity as usual—and things got even busier with the introduction of the SIOP course for 50 participants! This year’s 50-person cohort was comprised of all new teaching staff plus some existing staff who were looking to enrich their understanding of issues regarding EAL in the mainstream as well […]

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The purpose of this blog post is to share with you some of our recent successes with helping to make reading a more fun activity for students in Year 9 English. We found that this version of reciprocal reading was a good way to motivate students to read because each student had an assigned role. […]

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Co-teaching: how do we know when we are doing it right?

  Following on from our recent INSED training on aspects of co-teaching in mainstream subjects at Shrewsbury, Chris Davison (2006) (Davison 2006 -How do we know partnership teaching) provides further insight into the, often challenging but ultimately rewarding, process of ensuring effective partnerships in the classroom and beyond. Davison states that though there have been studies […]

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