Thinking Skills JAWS,

25th-26th April,

Patana, Bangkok, Thailand.

‘How do we reconcile the teaching of skills and the teaching of content?’
International education is making a shift towards a more holistic view of learning where the teaching of transferable skills is developed over the traditional, content focused, curriculum. However, this can often lead to conflict in prioritising curriculum time, CPD allocation and the overall ethos of a school as well as pressure on all important results. This Job Alike Workshop is hoped to be a place where professionals can share their experiences in reconciling these two strands of practice.

The Sessions would ideally be split into two sections:
 The pedagogy of teaching skills – what good practice looks like and how it can be implemented.
 The logistics of teaching skills – what structures need to be in place to help the pedagogy to be successful.

What is a Job Alike Workshop?
Having the opportunity to share common experiences and to discuss job-related issues is an accepted and welcomed practice for FOBISIA heads, senior leaders, PE and music staff but has proven to be more difficult to organise on a regular basis for other curriculum areas. The job-alike workshop was created as a format to allow groups of like-minded professionals to create opportunities for curriculum-based CPD that relies on the skills and knowledge of the delegates themselves rather than relying on expensive key-note speakers.
This job-alike workshop is an opportunity for you to share good practice and co-construct new knowledge with other FOBISIA teachers across the region.

Cost: Bt.1,200 (The fee will include meals, transport from hotel to school and all resources)

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