Secondary Pastoral JAWS
Jerudong International School, Brunei
Friday 27th and Saturday 28th February 2015

This Job Alike Workshop is an opportunity for FOBISIA Pastoral Leaders across the region to get together to share good practice and develop new ideas about pastoral care. All participants will be actively engaged in creating the agenda to ensure that the two day event meets the needs and wishes of those attending. All sessions will be delivered by those participating in the workshop.

Some initial ideas for session topics are listed below:
 Introducing and evaluating Pastoral Systems
 Supporting Academic performance
 Effective Communication between key stakeholders
 Use of technology to increase parental engagement
 Effective and engaging ways of delivering PSHE
 Best practice in boarding
The above sessions are merely suggestions and may be adapted or dropped according to the wishes of those involved. It is hoped that the agenda will evolve based on the experience and interests of those attending. A Google Drive Folder will be shared with all delegates to build the agenda collaboratively as well as sharing resources in the run up to this event.

To register for the event please use this link.

Deadline: Friday 30th January 2015
The fee for attending will be $100BND. Suggested accommodation for the event is the Radisson Hotel. The rate per night is $150 BND+10% tax. Add an extra $16BND for breakfast. To contact the hotel please email

The fee will include meals, transport to and from the hotel plus relevant resources.
Any further enquiries please email:
Kind regards,
Richard Humes
Acting Deputy Principal

Term 2 Secondary Pastoral JAWS JIS