Effective School Marketing and Communications
A Practical Guide to Telling the Story of Your School and Building your Brand

Target Audience
– Business Managers – Heads of School
– Admissions
– Alumni and
– Communications

Course Leader
Dr. David Willows

May 14 – 15, 2015
9.00 – 16.00

Exact venue to be confirmed
Chiangmai, Thailand

Workshop Overview
Marketing and communications is an important feature in the effective management of an international school. Today, more than ever before, schools are talking about brand identity, reputation management, unique selling points, strategic sales, digital communication platforms, the impact of social media, key performance indicators and success metrics.

This 2-day, activity-based, workshop begins from the central idea that when we talk about effective marketing and communication, we are really talking about how to tell the story of our school and help others find their place in that story.

Potential Audience
This course is designed for anyone responsible for marketing and communications within a school setting. It will be of particular interest to Business Managers, Heads, Admissions Officers, Alumni and Development Officers, as well as Communications Officers.

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. David Willows is Director of Admissions and Advancement at the International School of Brussels. David is also a regular presenter at international conferences, blogger, and author of several books and articles in the field of international school branding, admissions, marketing and communications.

Formerly on the Board of the European Association of Communication Directors and CASE Commission on Marketing and Communications, he is currently serving on the ECIS Admissions Committee and was runner-up in the 2012 International Brand Master Award for educational marketing professionals. He also leads the Media Team for the Common Ground Collaborative Project.

Workshop Aim/Methodology
Through practical and relevant activities, as well as sharing of best practice around the world, participants will explore the outlined key questions and, at each step of the way, encouraged to build an action plan that leads to positive change in their current school setting.

Key Questions
Practical Knowledge/Skills
What is the story of my school?
Re-framing our Mission and Vision

Who are the storytellers?
Getting the organizational chart organized

What is effective storytelling?
Principles of brand building we cannot afford to ignore

What are the tools that will help us to communicate this story to a wide range of stakeholders?
From paper to digital, and the future of school communications

How do we influence the stories that are being told about us out there?
Why losing control of the story is not the same as losing the plot.

What is the cost vs. value of storytelling?
Why effective marketing doesn’t have to cost as much as we think.

What is the role of data and metrics in effective storytelling?
How we know we are being successful at the end of the day.


Effective School Marketing and Communications