Visible Learningplus – Feedback that Makes Learning Visible
When: Friday 8th May
Where: Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand
Cost: 6,000 Baht

Facilitator: Deb Masters will be joining us from the Visible Learning Team. Visible Learningplus is an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development. It is based on the principles of Visible Learning that have developed from Professor John Hattie’s research and his two books.

Professor John Hattie has undertaken the world’s largest research based around the question: What works best for student achievement? This body of ongoing research has shown some key strands for teachers and leaders to understand.

The strands are

• The visible learning

• Know thy impact

• Effective feedback

• Inspired and passionate teachers

• The Visible learning school

The workshop that will be happening at Bangkok Patana on this occasion will focus upon Effective feedback in the learning process. You will gain an understanding of how learning intentions and success criteria are the basis for giving effective feedback and how you can use the three instructional feedback levels. You will also learn the difference between praise and effective feedback.

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