Farm Fun!

The EY1 children really enjoyed visiting the farm animals in the garden. They had the experience to feed and pet goats, pigs and bunnies. The children did a brilliant job feeding them and using kind hands to gently stroke them. The visit from the farm animals linked in to our new story telling book – The Three Little Pigs.

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Ocean World

The EY1 children had a fabulous time at Ocean World this week. They saw so many different things including: seahorses, an octopus, a crab, turtles, penguins and of course, sharks! They learnt lots on the trip and really enjoyed the chance to leave EY1 and travel on a bus together. A very successful trip all round. Well done EY1!

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The EY1 children took part in the ‘Shrewsbury Charity Fair’ and we worked so hard to squeeze our lemons for our homemade lemonade sale! Thank you so much for your generosity.

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Muddy Puddle Fun!

This week the children in EY1 have thoroughly enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles! It was a great opportunity for them to engage in some messy play and an excellent sensory experience. The children had so much fun jumping up and down and pretending the mud was an ice rink! Mud is an excellent natural material for children to play with. As well as being an excellent sensory and learning experience mud has been proven to help boost children’s immune systems to prevent allergies. Thank you for bringing in their boots and supporting and encouraging this type of play.

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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

Last week we had an unexpected visitor in EY1. A girl with golden hair came running past our door and when we went outside to see what had happened someone had been in the house of the bears. Porridge had been eaten, chairs had been broken and beds had been slept in. Can you guess who it was?


After we discovered that it was Goldilocks we were feeling inspired and we have been doing lots of exciting activities such as porridge making and recreating our own versions of the story. What brilliant fun it has been!

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Welcome to EY1…

It has been a wonderful start to the new academic year in EY1, the children have settled well into their new routines and are enjoying making lots of new friends. This year the classes are as follows:


Ladybird class – Ms Leanne

Dragonfly class – Ms Rhio

Caterpillar class – Ms Hollie

Bumble Bee class – Ms Anu

Butterfly class – Ms Benita


We are all looking forward to seeing what new and exciting interest the children bring into their learning environments this year. Here are some photographs of the children enjoying their active learning time.

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