Come and Read with the Submarine Class

The children enjoyed sharing books and playing phonics activities with the parents and teachers in the classroom! Please come and join us every Friday from 7.30-8am when you can – it is a lot of fun!

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Loy Krathong

The EY2 children enjoyed celebrating Loy Krathong very much. They made flower garlands, decorated krathongs and ran around the garden in their beautiful costumes. They learned all about Loy Krathong in their Thai classes and enjoyed hearing the traditional songs. The children were enthusiastic about the holiday and taking home their krathongs. Happy Loy Krathong!

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Music makers

EY2 students have been enjoying a variety of musical explorations this half-term. We have sung the ‘Tiger Tiger’ song in honour of the tiger who came to tea. Children have enjoyed honing their listening and movement skills with a variety of songs and dances. Above all, we have been having fun with instruments, both playing percussion and making our own, discovering a wide variety of sounds. We have even found some new sounds that our bodies and mouths can produce!

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Creative Construction

The Rockets have been getting creative using the recycling materials and created fantastic boats, rockets, jet planes and even canoes. We were focusing on thinking of an idea before we start; learning how to join different materials together and using creative tools safely and effectively. After we had made our models we took them out to the Chatrium Field to launch them! It was lots of fun!

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Submarines investigate bones!

Submarines looked at different fish to see if they have bones just like Mr Bones the human skeleton. We could name all the different parts of the fish!

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Rocket Class Tea Party

The Rocket Class really enjoyed their Tea Party on Thursday with their Mum’s Dad’s and Grandparent’s, this was the finale to our Storytelling work on “The Tiger who came to Tea”. In preparation for the party we have been very busy tea tasting, voting on sandwich flavours and making lots gingerbread, not forgetting to ice them! We also decorated the classrooms using paper-chains which we made whilst learning about repeated patterns. To have a visit from the tiger was a big surprise, luckily we had plenty of food for him. Thank you for joining us, we had lots of fun!

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Submarine Class Tea Party

What a fantastic Tea Party we had! The children really enjoyed making cupcakes and sandwiches for you to eat, and we hope you liked the tea that they chose for you! Didn’t they do well serving you at the party? It was a surprise to see the Tiger -it was a good job we had a big tin of tiger food waiting for him!

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Art Week

EY2 have really enjoyed joining in with Art Week this week. Being super creative, the Jets have been extremely interested in all of the different artistic styles they have been introduced to. Resident artists have made learning these really fun. We also had time to paint our class canvas which was inspired by Mondrian. We worked together to stick tape across the canvas and then chose a shape each to paint however we liked. The ideas were fabulous and we had lots of fun finding different tools to paint with. I think you will agree that our canvas looks pretty good now the tape has been peeled off!

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Sailboats Soar!

The Sailboat class started the year off sailing beautifully! They have enjoyed playing, laughing, learning and creating with each other. We are happy to see such bright lovely smiles coming to school and leaving with excited conversations at the end of the day! Keep checking our blog for more fun things that the Sailboats do here at school.

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The Tiger who Came to EY2!

The Submarine Class were very good detectives when solving the mystery of who had made a tip of our Tea Party! They searched the garden for clues, finding footprints, orange and black fur and a tin of tiger food! Some children made ‘Wanted’ posters, maps of the garden and planned how to trap the tiger. Luckily, we discovered that the tiger was friendly!

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