Hurricane Sandy looks set to make landfall on the eastern seaboard of the  United States over the next 36 hours. Several states have declared emergencies and 375,000 people have been told to evacuate from low lying areas. It is very rare for a storm to track this far north, indicating that it is a very powerful hurricane. It is also moving very slowly, meaning disruption for millions of people for serveral days.

This photo shows the storm, with a definitive ”eye” in the centre, as viewed from space. The storm is predicted to have damaging winds of up to 100km/hr and many people are worried about a storm surge which may bring flooding. If you are not sure what a storm surge is, ask any of our yr 13 Geographers  (Merck, Jackie,  Ou, Oey and Win) – we have been studying these in class recently, so they should know!