_MG_6994 _MG_6997 _MG_6987 _MG_6988 _MG_6990 _MG_6991The Geography students of Shrewsbury International School and Durrington High School, UK are going to be working together on a very exciting new ShareBlogging project. Students at Durrington High School have produced a series of lessons and learning activities based around the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, which our Yr 9 students are going to work through. Once complete the students in the UK are going to assess our work and give us feedback. To see the lessons click on this link; http://durringtonlearningblog.wordpress.com/

Once we have finished this part it will be out turn to become the teachers and put together a series of activities for out UK based partners.

Keep checking back to see the progress of the project.1 2 3

Please click here to see our work:


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