Guidance for completing your Revision notes in Geography

Guidance for completing your Revision notes in Geography

Deadline: 27th November

Topics to be included;

  • Mapwork
  • Population Dynamics
  • Settlement
  • River Processes
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Paper 4 – Chiang Rai; this needs to include notes on each data collection method and equipment you used.

What are revision notes?

In Geography we want you to look back over all of the work you have completed in class (in your exercise books and booklets) and at home. Then review it (with close reference to the 0460 syllabus – available on the blog at and consolidate the information in the form of revision notes. It IS NOT just about copying work.

What should revision notes look like in Geography?

The format is up to you. You should know by know what things work for you in terms of revision; use of mind mapping/color/diagrams/bullet points/summary notes. As long as you have reviewed what you need to know and then created a complete summary of each topic – including case studies then that is fine. Your teacher will show (not give!) you some good examples. is a great online tool to construct detailed and colorful mindmaps.