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The Problem with Plastic Videos

We hope you are enjoying putting together your videos ready for the residential in Rayong. In case you need more information – here is the powerpoint which explains exactly what you have to do. The Problem with Plastic Video presentation with roles The deadline for these videos to be completely ready to show is FRIDAY […]

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Year 11 – Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – 2010

The Gulf oil spill dwarfs comprehension, but we know this much: it’s bad. Carl Safina scrapes out the facts in this blood-boiling cross-examination, arguing that the consequences will stretch far beyond the Gulf — and many so-called solutions are making the situation worse.

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HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

THE IMPACTS OF HIV/AIDS in SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Since the beginning of the epidemic more than 15 million Africans have died from AIDS. Nearly two-thirds of all people living with HIV are found in sub-Saharan Africa, although this region contains only about 10% of the world’s population. The Impact on the Health Sector As the epidemic […]

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Fukushima update – Yr 11 Energy must read

Fukushima Nuclear disaster update The disaster at Fukushima in early 2011 is the second largest nuclear accident since Chernobyl, and is estimated to release up to 30% of the radiation. Whilst there is no doubt the disaster was fuelled by unpreventable natural events, a report commissioned by the Japanese National Diet and released on 5th […]

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Yr 11 Revision notes for IGCSE Geography

Guidance for completing your Revision notes in Geography Guidance for completing your Revision notes in Geography Deadline: 27th November Topics to be included; Mapwork Population Dynamics Settlement River Processes Plate Tectonics Paper 4 – Chiang Rai; this needs to include notes on each data collection method and equipment you used. What are revision notes? In […]

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch

An enormous stretch of floating debris is circulating within the North Pacific Ocean.  This gyre – a system of rotating ocean currents – has collected a mass of rubbish, predominantly non-biodegradable plastics and chemical sludge, and is serving to demonstrate the severity of marine pollution. Whilst ocean trash contains rubbish from offshore ships, oil platforms […]

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Declining Ocean Health

Despite covering nearly three quarters of the surface of the earth, the world’s oceans are signalling a severe deterioration in health due to a number of human related impacts.  An independent set of report published by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) has indicated that various significant factors are mounting a […]

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Population Density and Distribution

It was not possible to upload this file Yr 10, so I have now shared it with you on Google Drive…      

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Researching the climates of cities 52 degrees North of the equator

9KG Students will need this image to complete your homework (which is to present your research findings on a double page spread) Please also cut out your info research cards and stick over the top of your sketch map. 

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Year 10 Population Dynamics

Year 10 Introduction to the Population Dynamics topic. In this video, David Attenborough asks “How many people can live on Planet Earth?” [iframe width=”380″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen&gt]

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