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Revision guide for IGCSE mapwork

Topic GreenĀ  Go! AmberĀ  Think! Red Stop! Four figure grid references       Six figure grid references       Direction using 8 point compass       Direction using 16 point compass       Understanding scale (needed to be able to give distances)       Straight line distances       […]

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Why has it been raining all day?

… Because a Tropical Depression has moved in from the South China Sea Normally the rain we get in Bangkok is convectional (meaning that it is generated from the heat of the sun through the day). But over the last couple of days there has been a tropical depression that has made landfall over middle […]

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Mangrove Animals

Here are the videos which you can watch on your device which show the three animals we are studying. Mudskipper Pit Viper Fiddler crab [iframe width=”380″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Yr 9 Climate data from the weather station

Use this data set to draw your climate graph for homework. Remember that the RAINFALL data should be drawn as a bar chart and the MEAN TEMPERATURE should be a line graph. Compress the axis if you need to. If you are feeling really confident, you could also add lines for HIGH and LOW temperature […]

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Squatter Settlements in Bangkok – Bang Bua case study

Yr 11 students studying Settlements will be interested in this case study about HOUSING SHORTAGES / SQUATTER SETTLEMENTS / IMPROVEMENTS TO SQUATTER SETTLEMENTS. Bang Bua NOTES  

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Yr 13 A2 Hazards – Volcanic gas Case Study – Lake Nyos, Cameroon

Yr 13 A2 Geographers need to watch this video as part of their studies about primary volcanic hazards.

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Year 10 practice questions on Compass direction and Bearings

Practice Questions ON BEARINGS Please download, print out and complete for homework. Deadlines: 10 2- Day 9 10 3- Day 9 (Mr Meaney’s class)

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Examples of Compass Roses for Year 7 homework

Get creative with these Compass Rose ideas. Examples of Compass Roses

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Yr 11 – Revision guide for Settlement End of Topic Test

Please click here to download the revision guide for the forthcoming end of topic test on Settlement. Revision guide SETTLEMENT    

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New IGCSE Geographers

A warm welcome to a massive cohort of IGCSE Geographers in Year 10 this year! This guide will help you to understand how to do well in the subject. Feel free to download and print out. Learner Guide for IGCSE Geography 0460    

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