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Yr 7 Compass Roses

Yr 7 have been learning about direction, as part of their skills based work on mapping skills. Have a look at these fantastic compass roses which they have created for homework.

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Bangkok on Storm watch!

For the first time this year, weather watchers have a storm system to watch in the South China Sea. Newly-named as GAEMI (21W), it is expected to grow into a significant tropical storm or worse and head in our direction. “If our forecast is correct, it will be the first tropical storm to hit the […]

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Short, sharp rainstorm this afternoon

9GS had to shelter underneath Omsin’s pink umbrella this afternoon when they measured today’s rainfall. The sudden rainstorm was just coming to an end, but had already precipitated 6.2mm.

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We need a bigger rain gauge!

Kevin, Austin and Richard  (9GS) found out that when measuring rainfall in Bangkok in the rainy season – you need a very big rain gauge! Over 50mm of rain in the last 12 hours…

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42mm of Rain in Bangkok last night!

Yr 9 are currently measuring certain aspects of the weather including rainfall, temperature and cloud cover. Kevin from 9GS is using the school site to do his twice daily measurements, and came in this morning to find a whopping 42mm of rainfall over the last 12 hours.

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Year 8 Mangrove reproduction

Ms Morris’s Yr 8 classes have produced some great work on how Mangrove trees reproduce. Here are Raima, Klesa, Minnie and Nine’s cartoons explaining the process. Well done 7RF!

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Yr 7 using ipad GPS technology

Yr 7 classes have been learning about Latitude and Longitude with the use of GPS apps on the ipads. The app, called Motion X GPS, enables students to find their exact location (configured within google maps), add waypoints and photos.

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