Term 1 is devoted to the building up of essential geographical skills. Lessons start off with learning how to use an atlas correctly. The students are taught how to find and use information from various maps, via the Contents and Index pages, and how to locate global positions using lines of latitude and longitude. During the second half of the term our students are introduced to Google Earth; they learn how to locate and make placemarks and to use images to create a motivational poster.

Term 2 starts off with acquiring basic map-reading skills. The students are taught how to interpret heights and relief on maps and how to draw basic cross-sections. In Term 3 we continue with the Resources and Environment topic.

In Term 3 our students are introduced to the topic of Resources and the Environment. This topic examines how humans use natural resources, particularly energy resources, and how their use has had a negative impact on the environment. The students will study how modern lifestyles contribute to global carbon emissions and what steps we can take to reduce our ‘ecological footprint’. The concepts of ‘reduce, re-use and re-cycle’ are introduced and each student will complete a project on this theme.