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Year 11 – Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – 2010

The Gulf oil spill dwarfs comprehension, but we know this much: it’s bad. Carl Safina scrapes out the facts in this blood-boiling cross-examination, arguing that the consequences will stretch far beyond the Gulf — and many so-called solutions are making the situation worse.

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch

An enormous stretch of floating debris is circulating within the North Pacific Ocean.  This gyre – a system of rotating ocean currents – has collected a mass of rubbish, predominantly non-biodegradable plastics and chemical sludge, and is serving to demonstrate the severity of marine pollution. Whilst ocean trash contains rubbish from offshore ships, oil platforms […]

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Declining Ocean Health

Despite covering nearly three quarters of the surface of the earth, the world’s oceans are signalling a severe deterioration in health due to a number of human related impacts.  An independent set of report published by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) has indicated that various significant factors are mounting a […]

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Video winners! Problem with Plastic

Well done to the whole of Year 8 for the “Problem with Plastic” videos which we all thoroughly enjoyed last week. It was clear that you had spent a considerable amount of time planning, writing, videoing and editing these productions. The winners were: 1st Place: 8RF Grace, Pimmy, Ishmael, Klesa, Jacob and Nadia [iframe src=”” width=”480″ […]

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