Royal Bangkok Sports Club Junior Team Invitational – Monday May 9th

SHB Golf team enjoyed a resounding team win at RBSC on Monday. We always enjoy our annual outing to the play under the watchful gaze of Bangkok’s towering central Business district, and this year was significant in that it could be the last time we see the historic clubhouse in its current form (redevelopment plans show a shiny new build is on the horizon).

The team played incredibly well in sweltering conditions posting scores of; Vicky 65 (1 under par), Gus 69, TK 75, Tanya 75, M 76 and Gunn 79. Our combined team total was 3 shots better than any other attending school, meaning Shrewsbury lifted the 2016 trophy! Congratulations to the team, and a huge thanks to everyone at RBSC who are always very hospitable hosts.

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