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5CP – Alex, Will, Alyssa & Luke Gas Experiment

Year 5 have been looking at gases. Who can explain why the candle went out?

alex,will, alyssa, luke gas experiment from SHB Prep on Vimeo.


4JM – Pann and Xin Yu Explain a Tsunami

Pann and Xin Yu from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

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5RP – Upthrust Investigation

Year 5 have been investigating forces and upthrust.

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5RP – Soil

5RP have been using digital microscopes to investigate what soil looks like close up. Here is a picture of what they found. (Double click to view full size).

.science soil

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4CD – Labelling Bones

Ms. Dusting’s class have been learning about bones and joints. Here they are labelling their classmates.

CHALLENGE: How many bones or joints can you name that start with the letter C?

27th 8 27th 6

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Video – Femto Photography

Light is fast (299,792,458 m/s)! In fact it travels so fast that the human eye cannot see it travelling. However, a new super, super, super slow motion camera, called a femto camera, can film so quickly that it can see light travelling in slow motion! Have a look at the videos below.





This video is slowed down so much that if we put a gun at the bottom of the bottle and fired then watched the video back, we would need to watch it for over a year before the bullet reached the red bottle cap.

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Animal Teeth

Can you match the correct teeth to each animal based on their diet?



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6GA – Science Safety

6GA Have been learning all about safe practice when in the Junior Science Lab. Here are some of their very helpful and informative posters.

Click on the picture to see it full screen.

Photo 04-10-2013 15 32 53 Photo 04-10-2013 15 32 44 Photo 04-10-2013 15 32 28 Photo 04-10-2013 15 32 17 Photo 04-10-2013 15 32 09 Photo 04-10-2013 15 33 01


3JN Pakin and Akshaya’s Home Made Thermometers

Pakin and Akshaya have been creating science equipment in their own kitchens! Check out these home made thermometers. We placed them into a container of boiling water and the red liquid moved up the straw.

CHALLENGE: Can anyone explain why the liquid in the bottle does this?

Photo 04-10-2013 12 54 47Photo 04-10-2013 12 58 25


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