Dear Parents,

You may have recently received our letter about the school laptop program for students in Year 9 to year 13.

Students will be required to bring a laptop device to school every day for use in the classroom. This scheme will provide our students with instant access to a huge range of online information, tools and resources accessible across all subject areas. In the 21st Century, the need to be digitally literate and competent in the use of technology in all areas is of paramount importance. We believe that this scheme will help to ensure our students have the confidence, knowledge and digital skills to thrive in higher education establishments and the future workplace.

Students coming to the end of Key Stage 3 and preparing for externally examined courses at Key Stage 4 are increasingly expected to produce documents, reports and presentations to a high professional standard. To this end students need to use software tools to enhance clarity, purpose and effectiveness. Such skills are highly valued by universities and employers. Regular access to laptop devices across all curriculum areas will allow students to develop and refine these skills on a regular basis, allowing us to replicate workflows and best practice from modern industry.

We hope that this website will address any questions that you might have about the laptop scheme and how the school intends to support you and your family through the process of purchasing and managing your computer.

If you do have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the website’s “Contact” form.

Simon Aves
Director of ICT