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Looking back, looking forwards…

The House of Commons have just published a handy summary of all of the changes that are currently taking place in the English education examination system. This includes the new reformed GCSEs, the new 9-1 grading scale, the new ‘good pass’ of a Grade 5, the new decoupled AS levels, the new linear A-levels, the […]

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Lessons from cover #1 – extension activities

I spend a fair amount of my time covering people’s lessons – amazingly this isn’t simply for the joy of taking some pressure of my fellow colleagues. Covering lessons in other subjects is a great opportunity to see the type of work/learning that the students are doing and you can learn an awful lot about […]

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This much I know about Art…

I have had the pleasure of spending much of last week up with the Art department looking at the learning going on from Y7 all the way up to Y13 and, once again learnt all sorts of things I didn’t know before: How to make a ‘pinch pot’ (and the importance of this) What a […]

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Feedback examples #4

More from Junior school and their use of colour-coded feedback: outstanding orange and growing green. Not only do the teachers mark, highlight and write comments in one of the two colours but students use them as well to respond in terms of their confidence in their answers. So the whole dialogue is framed in terms […]

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Feedback examples #3

This week I’ve been to Drama to witness what is sometimes called ‘guided critique’ at work. The students were performing their composed pieces and then afterwards STF moderated a session where all the other students gave critical (and productive) feedback. This was framed by the examination criteria which STF used to guide his questioning. I […]

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Feedback examples #2

Second time up and another two examples from the different phases of the school, both involving colour. Firstly, as any parent from Junior school will tell you teachers in Y3 to Y6 use highlighters to annotate students’ work. ‘Outstanding orange’ is used to pick out examples where students have met the success criteria; ‘Growing Green’ […]

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Back to basics

Two resources to refresh our practice after the half-term break. Firstly a very useful post from @headguruteacher summarising the core elements of successful practice. Secondly, a report from Deans for Impact on the science behind classroom learning which summarises the research around six questions: How do pupils understand new ideas? How do pupils learn and […]

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Stephen has spoken a lot about it on the first day back, in assemblies and at briefing, the Junior school are having training on it, it is a strand in the Learning for Life curriculum and is a big part of this year’s anti-bullying week (w/c 2nd November)…and I met the founder of one approach […]

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Feedback examples #1

This is the first of what I hope are regular posts over the year illustrating interesting practice around the school in terms of feedback. This week two examples from opposite ends of the school: one from a Y11 English class courtesy of CGT and DPG has shared how he uses feedback in Prep-Prep music lessons. […]

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This much I know about English…

It has been my great pleasure this week to have spent a lot of time in and around lessons in the English department as part of their self-review and in the true spirit of schools have learnt all sorts of things I didn’t know: how to have a silent debate why authors use possessive pronouns […]

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