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We’re back to feedback!

We all do it, most of the time automatically, and yet in many instances it might have little benefit for the students involved. Feedback is right up there as one of the most cost-effective strategies teachers can employ to support students’ learning but only when it is done well. As Hattie and Timperley said in […]

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Which university, which course?

Easy to use interactive tables from the Guardian which ranks all UK universities by subject……. you can also see lots of other details such as % of graduates in employment after 6 months for different courses. Prepare to have some of your preconceptions of “good” universities challenged! click here Useful for all teachers advising yr12/13.

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Working wall

A lovely idea from Greg Threfall’s room about how to use the working wall concept in Senior School. Pupil work is displayed and the teacher gives constructive comments on post it notes stuck to each piece of work. Have a look in S217!  

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Encouraging Pupil Talk

Thanks to Jon Bifield for sharing these wonderful animations- each showing a different activity you can carry out with your class. Each protocol is so simple yet encourages interaction and pupil centred learning. The site is called  “Simple Science” but the techniques employed are universal across all subject and age ranges. Click Here

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A great article with 5 Top tips on how you can develop academic language alongside content. Echoes a lot of the session from Pauline Gibbons. http://www.learningspy.co.uk/literacy/back-school-part-3-literacy/    Thanks to Rob Millar for sharing.  

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Probability Fair

Emma Morgan has produced a great write up of the probability fair idea that was mentioned in a previous post about gaining inspiration from Twitter. It contains some nice ideas for how to stretch more able pupils as well as a great evaluation activity at the end. MrsMorganMaths    

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LAUNCHedu Finalists

The finalists in the SXSW Educational start-ups competition. USA based but it shows you the creativity and innovation going on in education today (as well as the money that can be made!). http://sxswedu.com/launchedu/finalists  

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Takeaway Homework

Following up from the last post of Twitter resources this adaptable resource is the best resource I have seen in ages for setting differentiated homework without hassle! One page could provide enough HW for a term!   Plenty more examples on the internet which are subject specific!

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Twitter Inspiration

Twitter is fast becoming an essential networking and sharing tool for teachers across the world. Emma Morgan has been telling me that since she signed up she has been amazed at how quick and easy it is to use. The impact on her lessons can be seen by the fact that she planned all of her […]

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Growth Mindset #5 Changing student perceptions

Why not put this up in your classroom?  

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