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Growth Mindset#4 Nine Questions to Ask your Students

Now you are all familiar with the theory of Growth Mindset lets look at some practical uses everyday in the classroom. Display these to your students at the end of a task.        

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The 8 minutes that matter most

A simple article reminding us of some easy and productive ways to start and end lessons. My favourite- have students write on a post it what they learnt from someone else in the class that day. Start the next lesson by sharing the notes.

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Growth Mindset #3 The Power of Belief

A great TED video summarising the Mindset approach. Easy enough for students to understand too. Thanks to Zoe Farr for contributing.

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The Praise Problem

A provocative and counter-intuitive article contributed by Vicki Finch. I was quite angry reading the first few pages but persevere and some constructive discussion come through! Punished by rewards

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Growth Mindset #2

This term we will be highlighting a number of resources around developing a Growth Mindset in students. Lets kick things off with this article which summarises the book Mindset by Caroline Dweck (available in the school library).   Thanks to Ian Lindley for sharing.    

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Form Idea#7 Creating an Evolving Record of Achievement

I have been experimenting with Padlet to encourage my form to record their achievements as the year progresses. I want them to update their wall once a half term to really paint a picture of their life in school. It has really helped with report writing!   A few examples:  http://padlet.com/Lord_William/LordWilliam    http://padlet.com/kazudon4649/zovmfnde379o

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Why textbooks count

This paper, from Cambridge Assessment’s research director, argues that one of the main differences between English schools and those of “high performing” nations is the quality of the textbooks used.   A quote from a case-study in the paper:   Some of the  features of high quality in the Singapore and Hong Kong texts (include) the extended application of […]

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What Makes Great Teaching + Growth Mindset

A video bringing together 2 of the last posts- one of the components of great teaching with a growth mindset. Some of our borderline Year 11 students could certainly benefit from this approach! The Key to Success: Grit Thanks to David Vann for sharing.

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Form Idea #6 Public Speaking

If, like me, you believe that the one thing that pupils struggle with the most at Shrewsbury is presenting and public speaking, here is a link to form time activities developed by Hayley Ager for Year 7.

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Growth Mindset #1

Many of you will have read the book by Carol Dweck. Here she is talking about the importance of Struggle Carol Dweck on Struggle The Teaching Channel website also has lots of other videos to explore including the intriguingly titled : “When a Lesson Goes Wrong“………

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