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What Makes Great Teaching?

This report from the Sutton Trust and Durham University has created lots of discussion in the UK. The 6 areas recognised as having most impact in the classroom are: 1. (Pedagogical) content knowledge (Strong evidence of impact on student outcomes) 2. Quality of instruction (Strong evidence of impact on student outcomes) 3. Classroom climate (Moderate evidence […]

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Form Idea#5 Your Life on Earth

Use this resource in form time as a starting point for discussions or projects about how the world has changed in the students’ lifetime:     http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141016-your-life-on-earth 

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EAL Ideas for the classroom

The EAL blog can now be accessed from the T&L blog toolbar. This term there are already great practical ideas about how to create a Vocabulary circus lesson (from Miss Farr and Mr Bifield) and strategies that help EAL students to speak up in class. Take a look!  

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Form Activity #4 Encouraging Creativity

Get your class to engage the right side of their brain and think outside the box!       I drew this picture on the board and asked my class to come up with as many things that it could represent as possible.   Below are some of their answers- wrecking ball, joystick, unicycle………….     […]

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Form Idea Number 3 Discover Something About SHB

Take a form time to browse the 60 Blogs currently active at SHB.   My Personal Favourite: Humans of Shrewsbury

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Form Idea Number 2 Creating a Mandala

Getting the students to produce a Mandala is a great way to find out something about them. 7HA really enjoyed doing it last year. Click here to see a powerpoint explaining how to set it up and a presentation produced by one of the students explaining their Mandela.

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Free, simpler version of Explain Everything

Thanks to Shaun Meaney for sharing this app which, whilst limited, is free. It is a basic whiteboard, drawing and recording tool. Educreations A very simple way students have used it geography is here. Any more good examples of its use- please share!  

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Form Idea Number 1

Rather than writing boring targets in planners, why not turn a target into a catchphrase stuck on student lockers?! Hayley did this with 7HA last year

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College Consultant guarantees admission to an Ivy League University

An article highlighting the next wave of businesses willing to do everything to get students into the college of their dreams. Makes the subject tutoring that some pupils at Shrewsbury receive look like the tip of the iceberg…… http://mobile.businessweek.com/articles/2014-09-03/college-consultant-thinktank-guarantees-admission-for-hefty-price

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How the job of a teacher compares around the world

Compulsory maths psot-16 for all

Did you know the average UK teacher has a 46 hour working week compared to 32 hours in Finland…. or that the average age of a teacher in the UK is 39 compared to 49 in Italy   This article is a comprehensive comparison of Schools in the UK compared to the rest of the […]

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