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Senior students at Shrewsbury International School can now download ebooks via their school library!  In a very exciting move, we have started a subscription to Overdrive – a groundbreaking company who provide ebook and mp3 audiobook downloads.  The downloads last for 2 weeks before expiring – just like reading a normal library book!  The epub and mp3 formats aren’t device-specific – some of the devices you can use them with are iphones/ipods, ipads, sony readers, blackberry and android devices.  With Overdrive, the library service really is now available 247 – a student visiting London during the Christmas holiday can access and download one of our ebooks wirelessly to their iphone in just a couple of minutes. 

Students who want to start using this service can download the Overdrive Media Console app for free (available for Apple, Blackberry and Android devices).  They then just need to get their username and password from library staff, and can start downloading and reading!  Alternatively, you can view Shrewsbury’s Overdrive website in a traditional browser at .  There is already a great range of teen fiction available, but if the site is popular the library will spend more in Overdrive, making more ebooks and eaudio available over the course of the year.

The school may be closed, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get something new to read from the library!  Our new Overdrive ebook downloads are now fully available, and can be downloaded wirelessly to a great variety of devices. To get started, download the free app Overdrive Media Console to your apple, android or blackberry device, and send the librarian a message on studywiz (Josephine Crimp) to get your username and password. For Kobo or Nook, go directly to our Overdrive website at .

Below are some FAQs about our new ebook service – if you have any other questions please send the librarian a studywiz message, or email her at

So how does Overdrive work?

Overdrive enables you to login and download ebooks and mp3 audiobooks to your personal reading device, so you can read them wherever you want.  Each downloaded file remains accessible on your device for two weeks, and then becomes inactive, just like a normal library book.

What reading devices can I use to access Overdrive ebooks?

Basically, anything  but a Kindle!  You can download our Overdrive ebooks to any of these devices below.  If you think a smartphone screen is too small to read off, try it first and you might be surprised!  Alternatively, you can download mp3 audiobooks to listen to on your phone.

  • Android smartphones
  • Android tablets (eg. Galaxy Tab)
  • Blackberries
  • Ipads
  • Iphones
  • Ipod Touchs
  • Kobos
  • Nooks (Barnes and Noble)
  • Any type of computer

What formats do the ebooks come in?

There are 3 file formats that are available from our Overdrive Ebooks site.
EPub – this is the most common ebook format, and is accessible on any device EXCEPT a Kindle.  Sorry, Kindle users!
Open Epub – this is similar to Epub, but with less restrictions on use – parts of the file can be printed, saved, and shared independently
Mp3 – we also have a small selection of audiobooks available as mp3s – these are audio files of books being read aloud for you to listen to.  These can be downloaded to any, um, mp3 player.  Funny that.

How do I get started?

If you are planning to read on an Android, Apple or Blackberry device, the quickest way is to

  • Download the free app Overdrive Media Console
  • Speak to library staff / email  to get your username and password
  • Follow the link to Adobe to register a username with them (only takes 1 minute)
  • You can then browse, checkout and download anywhere with wifi, and start enjoying your ereading!

If you are planning to read on any other device, you can download the ebooks to a computer, and then transfer the files to your device.  To do this;

  • Speak to library staff / email to get your username and password
  • Visit
  • Download the free software Adobe Digital Editions, and register an Adobe password
  • Browse, checkout and download anywhere with an internet connection
  • Either read the ebook on your computer, or transfer the file to the mobile device of your choice.

What’s so great about ebooks anyway?

Ebooks aren’t any better than normal books – it’s your choice about what you prefer to read.  Ebooks are much easier to take on holiday, as you can store many books on one small device!  You can also easily enlarge the print size and change the background colour, which can make reading easier for people with sight problems, dyslexia, and people who are not confident readers.  Another advantage for you is that you can download them at any time, in any place; you can be in Starbucks  at London Waterloo in the UK at 6am, and use their wifi to choose and download a library book!  They also make life easier for library staff – students can’t lose them or forget to bring them back, and we don’t have to put them back on the shelf when you’ve finished.  Many of you will know how long it can take our orders of new books to arrive – new ebooks will be available for download within a couple of hours of us placing the order which is another big benefit.  However, it’s all down to your reading preference, and as a library service we will continue to provide the best service we can to students with both print books and ebooks.

How many ebooks do you have available?

At the moment we only have about 400 ebooks and 60 mp3 audiobooks, mainly popular teen and adult fiction – effectively nothing in comparison to the 18,000 odd print books in the senior library!  We do want to expand the ebook collection, but we can only justify spending more of the library budget on ebooks once we know that there are students wanting to use them.  Also, once we have seen which ebooks have been borrowed so far, we can get a better idea of what sort of books you would like us to have available from Overdrive, and which formats are most popular.  So please do start using the service whilst it’s in its infancy, and contact us at if there are any genres/authors you want to see more of in our ebook collection!

Can I borrow a reading device from the library to use with these ebooks?

We are introducing this ebooks system for Senior students who already have a reading device of their own.  If you feel strongly that the library should also be providing reading devices, we would be interested to hear your views.

Can my parents/little sister use this site?

Our Overdrive subscription was set up with strict licensing rules.  At the moment, we are only giving out usernames and passwords to Senior school students and school staff.  The books we have selected are all aimed at this age-group, so there isn’t yet anything there appropriate for Junior school children anyway.

Is this really legal?

Yes, Overdrive provides access to these books through agreements with reputable publishers.  We are all legal and above board!

Do you have any ebooks in other languages?

At the moment we only have English language ebooks.  Overdrive have some titles available in Mandarin and Spanish – if you would like us to include these in our next ebooks order please tell us at .  We are also very keen to provide some ebooks in Thai, but have not yet come across any business providing this content – if you know of any please let us know!

I think this ebook service is great – how can I thank you?

I’m glad you’re so happy!  The best thing you can do is to pass it on to your friends and encourage them to try – the more students we have using this service the better!  Also, please leave a rating and review of the books that you’ve read, to help other students decide whether they want to read them or not.

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