Review by Ms Crimp

  • Genre – teen fiction, adventure, tech, dystopia
  • Audience – Y9-Y13, and teachers too
  • Rating – 9/10

If you like adventure stories, and you’re a bit of a geek, this is the book for you!  Little Brother is one of the best books that I’ve read all year, with a great plot and a killer angle on the way society might be heading.  Set in San Francisco, it tells the story of a city where the government uses one terrorist act as the excuse to crack down on ordinary citizens.  Marcus Yallow refuses to stand for it, and starts using his techie skills to get around the government’s restrictions.  One of the best things is the way that Doctorow mainly sticks to technologies already in existance, so nothing that Marcus pulls off is unrealistic (unlike some of the things that Alex Rider does, for example…). Check the library catalogue to see if this book is in right now, or read some of the reviews on Shelfari .  Even better, Doctorow is allowing people to download Little Brother for free as an ebook – if you want to download it check out Cory Doctorow’s website .