Honesty is November’s Value of the Month in Junior School, so here are some suggestions for books that Junior classes might like to look at.  All titles link to Shelfari reviews, to help you find out more about them.  You can check the library catalogue to see if these books are available here.


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The Empty Pot by Demi

This is a great picturebook about an emperor who wants to choose someone to reign after him.  He gives all the children in the country a special seed, and asks them to come back the next year and show him what sort of plant they managed to grow.  It’s a lovely story that is not at all preachy, by one of Ms Josie’s favourite authors.

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A Tale of Two Wolves by Susan B. Kelly

This is an entertaining fairy-tale rewrite featuring the wolf who destroyed the three little pigs’ houses – or did he?



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Junie B. Jones is not a crook by Barbara Park

Junie loses her mittens, but finds something else in the lost property box – what should she do?  Junie is a really popular character here at Shrewsbury.

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The Lying Carpet by David Lucas

This tells the story of a conversation between a carpet and a statue – slightly strange but enthralling.  It’s a good way to introduce some of the reasons people lie, and whether lying can ever be a reasonable thing to do.