We have 65 different magazines in the library , because these are a really important way to support students’ learning and other interests.  Here are some of the highlights from the magazines in November 2013.

PSY dec 13 2


The power of NO!

How setting limits sets you free.

Psychology today. December 2013 p.53


An imaginative performanceBBC MUC dec 13

Are musicians at their most creative without instruments?

BBC Music. December 2013 p.22




Using statistics and graphs

Statistics and graphs are not just for mathematicians. Geographers use data a lot, so expect questions based on data to appear in examinations.

WIDEWORLD. November 2013 p.1

There’s no business like…img049

While the life of an actor may involve some use of make believe. When it comes to building a stable career, actors need to have a strong sense of reality. Letty Barber reveals the ins and outs of day-to-day life in the performance industry.

Teaching Drama. Issue 50 p.17

PHY REV vol23 no2 nov 13


How do microphones work?

How do microphones differ? How do they pick up sound from difference dirictions? Jez Wells provides a physicist’s guide to microphones technologies and techniques.

Physics review. November 2013 p.12