We have 65 different magazines in the library , because these are a really important way to support students’ learning and other interests.  Here are some of the highlights from the magazines in April 2014.



Put the highlighter down : The smart way to learn

Revising doesn’t need to be a hard slog. Jamie Davies discusses revision strategies based on good psychological evidence.

Psychology Review. April 2014 p.6

How can a chemistry degree prepare you for a job?img-425100529-0011

Students often ask ‘What can I do with a chemistry degree?’ The answer almost anything you set your heart on.

Chemistry Review. April 2014 p. 14



Black Magic

Coal : It’s  Dangerous, It’s Dirty, and It’s the Future of Clean Energy.

Wired. April 2014 p.77


The race to be readyWOR SOC apr 14

Brazil’s stadium preparations continue to be beast with problems. But for the moment the 32 finalists are more concerned with fine-tuning their squads.

World soccer. April 2014 p.24



Why study literature?

Students of the arts and humanities sometimes face challenges about their choice of study. The poet John Birtwhistle explores how you might shape your response.

The English Review. April 2014 p.2