We have 65 different magazines in the library , because these are a really important way to support students’ learning and other interests.  Here are some of the highlights from the magazines in May 2014.

NAT GEO may 14


The Future of Food

By 2050 we’ll need to feed two billion more people. This special eight-month series explores how we can do that without overwhelming the planet.

National Geographic. May 2014 p.26

NEW SCI 3may 14


Special Report : Stem cell medicine

A revived cloning method has turned human adult cells into stem cells that can become anything you need, from neurons to cartilage.

New Scientist. May 2014 p.6

WOR SOC may 14


All 32 world cup coaches interviewed

Face to face with football’s crucial decision-makers.

World soccer. May 2014 p.52



ICR 133

Top ten keyboard shortcuts in iPhoto

Send your productivity into overdrive with these great time-saving keyboard commands.

iCreat. Issue 133 p.26



NEW INT may 14


Organ trafficking

Secretive and ruthless, the human traffickers controlling the kidney trade thrive on the desperation of the poor and the sick.

New Internationalist. May 2014 p.12