We have 65 different magazines in the library , because these are a really important way to support students’ learning and other interests.  Here are some of the highlights from the magazines in September 2014.


PSY oct 14


Just Say It

There are plenty of healthy, strategic reasons we veer away from talking about serious subjects with our loved ones. But avoidance has its limits, and broaching tough issues – from sex to death- may be a safer and more productive than we imagine, if it’s done right.

Psychology Today. October 2014 p.52


HIS TOD sep 14


Pilgrims in a Strange Land

Mathew Lyons wonders whether the medieval world was as strange to those who lived in it as it is to us.

History Today. September 2014 p.55



NAT sep 14


The Evolution of Diet

Would eating like our Stone Age ancestors make us healthier ? Some  experts say modern humans should eat from a Stone Age menu. What’s on it may surprise you !

National Geographic. September 2014 p.30



HIG sep 14


Salted Lemon in Great Demand

Shio Lemon or Salted lemon has been introduced on many TV shows. The advantages include : It helps against summer fatigue, good for dieting etc.

Hiragana Times. September 2014 p.9





Which Type of Designer are You ?

Studio Dumbar’s Lisa Enebeis offers up the results of her anthropological research on the designer species.

Computer Arts. September 2014 p.24