Review by : Ting Ting 6DL

Title : the Creature Department
Author : Robert Paul Weston
Illustrator : Zack Lydon
Published : November 5, 2013
Book type : Fiction
Category : Fantasy
Rating : 5 stars
Why? I give this book 5 stars because this book has a lot of discriptive words. It made me feel very exciting. I want to read this book over and over again!

Main character
– Uncle Archie
– Leslis
– Elliot

– DENKi – 3,000 headquarters

What is the story all about ?
There was a boy, who was called Elliot, was 12 years old. He would like to visit his uncle’s company for a tour of DENKi – 3000 headquarters. He begs his uncle for years because he was excited about crazy inventions. Finally, the letters arrived, inviting him and his classmate, Leslie mysteriously.  They both discover a secret world : a whole team of creatures working on those amazing inventions. When uncle Archie goes missing it is up to Elliot and Leslie to help creatures to invent and invention to save the company…

Why I like this book ?
I like this because the book is very interesting and very exciting plus the books summary is kind of Charlie and the chocolate factory.