Review by : Jenna 6JN

Name: Cinder   Author: Marissa Meyer

I liked this book because it was like a sci-fi version of Cinderella (as a cyborg). Luna (the moon) has a whole nation on it, and the true heir to the throne is absent because everyone thought she was dead – but is that false?

The story had lots of mystery and humour in it, so if you like mystery this will be the one for you. But sometimes it’s emotional, so if you don’t like books that are emotional, don’t read it. I think the age group would be 10+.

The first reason I liked Cinder was because of all the characters. They were all unique in their own way. They were hilarious, cute, kind, and most of all intelligent. If you ever read the book (which you definitely NEED to do), you will notice that there’s a whole series of books not just one. Each of them focuses on a different character with a whole book about them!

My second reason is that there were so many details that it made me follow along with the plot no problem. They showed exactly what they were doing, being precise in every way.

Lastly, I liked it because the author planned the whole series before she wrote the any of the books, so everything was organised and neatly planned.

Synopsis: A girl named Cinder is a cyborg from Earth. She doesn’t remember anything before she was 10. But she must unravel her past before she can continue into the future. Meantime, Luna’s (a nation on the moon) throne doesn’t have the true heir because they think she’s dead. But is it false?…