Review by: Arjyo 10GW

          Last of the Sandwalkers by Jay Hosler recounts the epic journey of Lucy, a beetle on a mission to make her big break in the science community. Lucy wants to be a part of something bigger than her small world inside a coconut. Lucy, with a host of friends (and one angry Professor from the University), journey outside of their familiar home to explore the wonders of the world around them. This fun filled graphic novel embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity.

          I thought this novel was so entertaining to read. Although Last of the Sandwalkers is fiction, there is so much to learn! I didn’t expect to pick up so many fun facts about insects; they really kept the book interesting. Personally, I loved that each character had their own personality, and no traits were repeated. Hosler did an amazing job of using personification to give life to his characters. By giving human characteristics to the insects, Hosler gives a fictionalised book details that allow the reader to comprehend and learn whilst enjoying a moving story. This form of fiction gives details on reality whilst sticking to a compelling storyline. It makes the reader engaged and allows them to gain knowledge of

          I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good adventure, or enjoys the field of science.