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Library Online Activities : Thursday 26/03/2020

Paper Toys: Pokemon Evolution Flextangles

We have some very special Kaleidocycles for you, today!!! it is a super exciting craft that we think you might like from Hattifant, thank for this amazing ideas.

Pokemon Evolution Papertoy Flextangle Kaleidocycle

Paper Toys: Pokemon Evolution Flextangles

We’ve got…

  • Eevee,
  • Squirtle,
  • Charmander and
  • Bulbasaur for you!

Isn’t this brilliant?! And all of these Flextangles show them in their different evolutionary stages!!!

Well, for Eevee, I had to choose 4. No chance to put all (there are exactly HOW MANY??? ^_^) of them into one papertoy! But I went with Eevee – of course – Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon.

POKEMON Evolution Flextangles HOW TO:

You’ll need:

  • printer
  • coloring pens (if you want to color the papertoy)
  • scissors and
  • glue/doublesided tape

Dowload the printables and watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL which shows you step by step on how to make your very own!

For each POKEMON character you will find an “already colored” version and one for you to color in – the perfect 3D Coloring In Experience!!! Absolute fun!

The printables are FREE! Tell your friends so that they can join in the fun! Have a POKEMON Papercraft afternoon together! ^_^


Hattifant pokemon evolution papertoy flextangle kaleidocycle coloring page free printable Eevee and Squirtle

DOWNLOAD Eevee & Squirtle

Hattifant pokemon evolution papertoy flextangle kaleidocycle coloring page free printable bulbasaur charmander

Find Bulbasaur & Charmander HERE

Hope you enjoy! Happy crafting as always with all my love to you.

English Storytime!

Thursday, 26th 2020. English Storytime, Ms. Sienna is reading ‘Library Mouse’ Book by Daniel Kirk.

Thai Storytime!

Thusday, 26th March 2020. Thai Storytime, Ms. Nan is reading ‘หมาน้อยสิบตัว’ by ศ.พิเศษคุณหญิง แม้นมาส ชวลิต.

Accessing Storytime Videos:

For Students please visit Firefly to access content.

For Parents of Pre-Prep students please visit app.seesaw.me and add code BWNH TLUO to access the content. (The code expires on April 1st, 2020 but we will share the new code at that point).