Daily Archives: March 18, 2020

Library Online Activities : Wednesday 18/03/2020

Even though the school is closed, it doesn’t mean that the fun in the library has to stop! We will be providing online activities throughout the closure period for our Junior students on the school Firefly website. We hope you will enjoy the craft tutorials, Storytime videos (in English & Thai) and many other special activities we have prepared. Please follow our Instagram and Twitter to be notified of the scheduled activities each day.

Breakout EDU 

Breakout EDU games bring the challenges of an escape room to the classroom. One of its features is a digital breakout. Students use the provided clues to solve digital puzzles. To join a class and play the digital platform, create your account here using the class code provided for your level.

Junior Breakout games :    Class code   – YJBGOY

Senior Breakout games :     Class code   – szvuot

Follow the sign up Instructions below!

For today’s English Storytime Mrs. Rous is reading Mr. Pusskins: A Love Story by Sam Lloyd

For today’s Thai Storytime Miss Gigi is reading ‘หมวกใบเล็กของเจ้าปลายักษ์’ by Jon Klassen

You can access our Storytime through Firefly or for Pre Prep parents through Seesaw (Use code OSJI OUMK – This code expires on March 26, 2020)

Missed our previous Storytime? 

Please visit app.seesaw.me and add code OSJI OUMK. (This code expires on March 26, 2020) to visit our SHR Library Seesaw classroom and gain access to our Storytime archive).